With over 30 years of extensive experience, VP Packaging has positioned itself as a reliable provider of contract packaging services, with a key focus on the Chicago, Illinois area. The company offers a wide array of packaging services, counting among them Light Assembly, Collating, Blister Packs, Shrink Wrapping, Envelope Stuffing, Kit Assembly, and Labelling. Showcasing their versatility, they also extend their services for specific tasks, such as manual inspections and damages repair. Their unique selling proposition lies in their ability to handle packaging tasks that are beyond the scope of automation.

Aiming to bridge the gap in projects that necessitate manual intervention, VP Packaging also serves print and marketing companies. Their services to these companies extend to correcting print issues and managing other project tasks like adding inserts and removing pages. Nothing appears to deter the company: they are undeterred by scale and complexity, dealing with small and considerable packaging jobs alike.

Over the years, VP Packaging has built a solid reputation based on several pillars: timeliness, thoroughness, and competitive pricing. As a testament to their cherished commitment to client satisfaction, a quote from a longstanding client encapsulates their service quality, They make me look good whenever there's something I need done quickly. Their dedication to their clients' needs is evident in the fact that VP has been partnering with several companies for over two decades, thus showcasing their ability to foster long-lasting professional relationships.

The company prides itself on meeting tight production deadlines while upholding the highest standards of quality. A glance at their team reveals a workforce entirely composed of full-time employees, many of whom have been with the company for over a decade, lending a level of stability and expertise to the service provided. VP Packaging enthusiastically invites potential clients for competitive quotes, signaling their confidence in their ability to offer premium services at reasonable prices.

Notable amongst their list of previous and current clients are eminent names like Disney Corporation and Fastenal. This further solidifies VP Packaging's credentials as one of the leading providers in their sector and strengthens the trust prospective clients can place in them. Overall, VP Packaging exemplifies a company that is resolute in its mission poised to cater to intricate packaging needs with a blend of experience, adaptability, and commitment to quality.