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The state of Illinois Part of the state lies on the shores of Lake Michigan. Chicago is the state's largest city and is the third largest in the country. Illinois also goes by the slogan the "Land of Lincoln" after President Abraham Lincoln. He was elected after living in the state and is buried in Springfield, the state's capital.

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Illinois is known for being first in a number of things. Chicago is the home to the first aquarium and Skyscraper. The first McDonald's in the country opened in Des Plaines. The ice cream sundae was also said to be first created here in the city of Evanston.

The city of Chicago is also home to the world's largest public library. In addition, the city is home to the world's largest cookie and cracker factory. The Nabisco factory produces Oreos and other tasty treats.

Despite being home to one of the largest urban areas in the country, the state is known for a number of agricultural products. Crops including corn, soybeans and wheat are some of the main components of its agricultural industry. Illinois is also known as one of the top food manufacturing and meat processing states in the country.