The Idaho School Boards Association (ISBA) is an association designed to advocate for Idaho students and public education by providing leadership and services to local school boards. The association has been established since 1942 and has worked diligently to champion education.

ISBA offers a range of services including policy services, superintendent searches, and maintaining a job center. They also offer an alumni program and member subscriptions to aid in resource sharing, networking and access to unique education-related opportunities. Additional services include providing model policies and resources such as publications and an avenue to ask ISBA directly. They also provide a blog for members and other interested parties to stay up to date on relevant information.

Regarding membership, ISBA offers a detailed membership brochure and has established a code of ethics for members. They also have partners and affiliates and offer scholarships. There is an appreciation month for school boards and they have mechanisms for labor relations.

In terms of events, ISBA holds an annual convention, a day-long event on the Hill, a Leadership Institute and regional meetings to ensure that members are updated on important matters. Monthly meet-ups with the ISBA Executive Board are also held. This is in addition to an established calendar of events to help members plan and participate effectively.

ISBA is governed by an executive board and they have detailed their bylaws and regional bylaws clearly. The board development program is handled by ISBA consultants and upholds certain standards. There is a member login section on the website to ensure easy access and interaction for members.

A key aspect of ISBA's work involves advocacy. Their legislative services department works with legislators, the State Board of Education, State Department of Education, and the Governor's office to develop education legislation. They also collaborate with other education stakeholders and oppose bills that restrict local control of schools.

In conclusion, the Idaho School Boards Association (ISBA) aims to empower local boards for student success, advocating for Idaho students and public education and providing leadership and service for local school boards. Their mission and vision are clearly defined, and they offer a broad range of services and initiatives to support their membership and the broader education community in Idaho. They organize regular events, provide resources and uphold a strong code of ethics, evidencing their commitment to advancing public education in Idaho.