ATI Physical Therapy is a nationwide chain of rehabilitation clinics. The clinic offers a range of physical therapy services and is currently hiring physical therapists, athletic trainers, and other team members. Their services extend to online physical therapy, enabling patients to receive professional care remotely. Besides general physical therapy, the clinic also specializes in various treatment methodologies such as dry needling, astym treatment, active release techniques, and the Graston Technique.

The clinic also accommodates particular patient needs ranging from pediatric physical therapy, aquatic therapy (hydrotherapy), amputee physical therapy and rehab, to men's pelvic health, and women's health issues like bowel bladder dysfunction and pregnancy/postpartum care. Patients undergoing pre or post-surgical care can also benefit from their comprehensive service list. ATI Physical Therapy demonstrates a solid focus on sports science, providing sports medicine, concussion management, and specific resources for athletes, parents, and coaches.

For occupational health, ATI Physical Therapy offers complimentary injury screenings, workers' comp rehab, work conditioning and hardening, and functional capacity evaluations, rounding out their robust offerings. They also offer a unique program called '2Minutes or Less' aimed at quickly identifying potential injuries. For convenience, they provide easy booking with an online appointment request feature and a dedicated helpline.

Finally, ATI Physical Therapy has attracted some attention due to a recent cybersecurity incident affecting one of its vendors. However, no specific details about this incident are provided. They provide detailed information about insurances and accept a variety insurances across different states, indicating a focus on maximizing patient accessibility. The organization has a patient-centric approach, offering FAQ and new patient information sections on their site to help ease clients into their therapy journeys. Thus, ATI Physical Therapy can be considered an inclusive, comprehensive physical therapy service provider.