Whittier Health Network, established by Dr. Alfred L. Arcidi and his sons in 1982, is a family-owned healthcare organization known for its high-quality care and patient-centered approach. This Massachusetts-based network encompasses acute rehabilitation hospitals, long-term care facilities, and various specialized healthcare services. Their guiding principle is to treat patients like family members, reflecting Dr. Arcidi's vision of integrating traditional family values into healthcare practices. The network has seen significant growth, attributed to its compassionate, dignified, and respectful treatment of patients.

The mission of Whittier Health Network is to offer comprehensive medical care in a warm, family-like setting. They focus on allowing patients the freedom to make choices important to them and their families. The network includes acute rehabilitation hospitals, subacute rehabilitation, long-term care facilities, long-term acute care services, and transitional care services.

Whittier provides total patient care, helping thousands of patients return home after injury or illness through acute rehab and transitional care. Their outpatient clinics offer personalized therapy with convenient hours and prompt evaluations, covering physical therapy (PT), occupational therapy (OT), speech, and aquatic therapy. They emphasize rapid recovery, utilizing state-of-the-art medical technology and therapy services to help patients return to their lives as quickly as possible.

For healthcare professionals, Whittier offers growth opportunities, especially for physical therapists seeking both generalized and specialized experience. They also welcome nursing graduates and CNAs, providing necessary training and continuing education units for career advancement.

Their skilled nursing facilities across Massachusetts deliver individualized healthcare, blending medical expertise with family values to promote functional and fulfilling lifestyles for residents. The facilities in Bradford and Westborough cater to patients with long-term, complex acute, and chronic medical needs, offering an array of intense rehabilitation services to ensure independence and a safe return home.

Furthermore, Whittier's state-of-the-art Transitional Care Units provide short-term rehabilitation for post-operative patients, helping them recover and return home. Their outpatient services, delivered by a highly trained rehabilitation staff, include hospital-based one-on-one therapy and a broad spectrum of specialized clinics and services.

In summary, Whittier Health Network stands out for its family-oriented approach, comprehensive care services, and dedication to both patient well-being and professional development within the healthcare field