Boarding Schools for Troubled Teens is a comprehensive online resource that provides information and free consultation service for finding suitable boarding schools for adolescents with behavioral challenges. This platform garners a range of boarding schools well-organized into categories based on genders - Boys, Girls, and Coed.

Among the highlighted schools for boys are Brush Creek Academy, Gateway Boys Academy, and Rocky Mountain Frontier, to name a few. For girls, some featured educational institutions include Clearview Horizon, Columbus Girls Academy, and Re-Creation Retreat. They also offer recommendations for coed facilities such as Ozark Trails Academy and Stillwater Academy.

These institutions, according to the website, provide an affordable alternative to military schools which do not currently enroll troubled teens as well as therapeutic boarding schools typically considered overly costly. Schools listed here are positioned as cost-effective solutions for the parents seeking professional assistance for their adolescents.

The website also provides a direct link to inquire about each school, making it easy for parents to reach out to the schools they're interested in. Another prominent feature is the offer of immediate free help, providing comfort to parents who need timely advice. In their catalog, each school is detailed with location and the age group they cater to, allowing for a more specific search for parents.

Boarding Schools for Troubled Teens is intended to help parents navigate the challenging path of finding a nurturing educational environment for their teenagers undergoing behavioral issues. Despite the stressful context, this platform aims to make the process a little more manageable by providing a curated list of schools alongside needed consultation.