OGH Imaging is a Louisiana-based health imaging service provider offering a range of services. This includes CT imaging, MRI services, X-ray imaging, women's imaging, lab services, fluoroscopy, bone densitometry, and ultrasound services. They also offer unique services such as CineVision. The staff employed at OGH Imaging can be easily met and contacted on their website.

OGH Imaging puts a considerable emphasis on customer choice. They acknowledge a customer's right to choose a facility based on location, availability, pricing or personal preference. The organization endeavours to provide quality services to attract and retain clients.

This facility was the first in Louisiana to bring the Hitachi Oval 1.5 T MRI system into use since its introduction in 2015. This MRI system is known for the comfort it offers to patients during examinations. Owing to positive patient feedback, they added a second Hitachi Oval MRI scanner in 2020.

OGH Imaging is dedicated to enhancing patient experience. Unique to outpatient locations in Acadiana, they offer a television entertainment system for the patients' enjoyment during their exams. The Oval's shape is designed to provide a comfortable experience for patients as well.

Adding to the facility's advanced technology, the Hitachi Oval system can image body parts in the vicinity of metal using a special metal suppression package. This is preferable because involuntary patient motion can often compromise the quality of images produced in most MRI systems. However, the Hitachi Oval has in-built technology that compensates for patient movement and can help produce more accurate images.

OGH Imaging's focus seems to be on combining leading-edge technology with patient comfort, aiming to make their customers' experiences as stress-free as possible.