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The leading health-related problem in the US is obesity, with about one third of the population suffering from obesity, while another third being overweight. Type 2 diabetes has been decreed as an epidemic country-wide. Life expectancy at birth is placed at 78 years. Traffic accidents, lung cancer, strokes and coronary artery diseases are responsible for most of US deaths on a yearly basis. Smoking, obesity and poor diets are the main reasons for the aforementioned conditions in the US, leading the ranks of preventable deaths.

Even though there are problems in the US, the medical field is very well regarded with the country having won Nobel Prizes for Medicine more than the rest of the world combined. The US is also responsible for most of the medical innovations in the past 4 decades.

The medical system itself is very complex, composed out of government, federal and private sectors aiding people. Massachusetts was the first state which adopted universal health care options for its citizens. The other citizens around the country rely on medical insurance to cover most of their health-related needs, but a spike in recent jobs which do not offer medical insurance has increased the number of uninsured people in the US. Most are forced to sell or mortgage their homes in order to afford it.

Here you'll find resources which will help you determine a good course of action for any health-related issue you might have. Not only that, but you'll have access to websites which offer guidance in getting insurance plans and in choosing good healthcare professionals.