Surf News Network is an extensive platform catering to the interests and needs of surfers. With a variety of contact numbers including 596-SURF, 241-SURF(KAUAI), 922-BONG, 638-RUSH, and 572-SURF(MAUI), it offers vast resources about surfing for multiple locations.

One of the key offerings of Surf News Network is its comprehensive surf report. This report provides detailed information about the surfing conditions at various hotspots like Oahu, Sunset Beach, Rocky Point, Pipeline, and Chuns, among others. It also provides a 10-day forecast, a feature that can be incredibly helpful for surfers in planning their outings. Pat Caldwell's exclusive Big Picture analysis is also available to users, adding an expert touch to the services rendered.

The platform is hobnobbed with various Island categories like Oahu, Big Island, Maui, and Kauai. Each island's category lists popular surfing destinations like Waikiki, Diamond Head, Hamakua Coast, Ho'okipa, Honolua, Lahaina and Kihei, etc. Users can explore each destination in-depth for up-to-date information.

Surf News Network also provides an array of webcam services, giving users a real-time view of prevalent surfing conditions. Webcams have been installed at strategic points like North Shore, South Shore, etc., streaming live visuals of the surf. Archived footage is also available for enthusiasts who wish to revisit notable moments.

For those interested in knowing about the specifics of weather conditions, the website has an entire section devoted to that. It includes weather warnings, forecast discussions, animations, UV index and even a glossary of weather terms. Additional advanced services include data from CDIP Buoy/Forecasts and Spectral Snapshots from the national buoy center.

In addition to all the information and resources provided, Surf News Network also stands as a community platform for surfers. It includes a Surfer's Wall and account management facilities where users can create or manage their memberships.

The platform also ties in sports news from around the world, integrating announcements from the World Surf League. Highlights include updates on championship tour schedules, athlete news, and updates about surfing events at international venues like the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

As an extra treat for surf-lovers, unique content like 'Mason Ho and Clay Marzo Session' and the series 'JADED' introduce a more bountiful surfing experience, making the platform wholesome for its users. Whether you are a professional surfer or an enthusiast, Surf News Network serves as a comprehensive platform for vast surfing-related information and resources, bringing together a vast community of surfers.