ICLEI USA is a sustainability-focused organization specifically tailored to assist local governments. They aim to accelerate climate action by equipping cities, towns, counties, tribal nations, regional governments, and educational institutions with their range of tools and services. Their extensive network is designed to foster cooperation and information-sharing, aiming to form united front against common environmental challenges.

Among the primary tools offered by ICLEI USA is ClearPath, an industry-standard tool for managing emissions. In addition, they provide GHG Contribution Analysis for tracking the drivers behind community emissions, and LEARN, a tool for mapping forest and tree emissions. For the purpose of facilitating dialogue and sharing best practices, ICLEI USA maintains an online networking platform known as ICLEI Community.

The organization underscores the need for accurate carbon emissions data and, as such, offers GHG Protocols as a guide for communities to account for their carbon emissions. This focus on data and fact-based decision making extends to providing resources for correcting misinformation, further emphasizing ICLEI USA's commitment to a realistic and scientifically-backed approach to sustainability.

As part of their services, ICLEI USA provides a range of resources that include guidebooks, webinars, reports, case studies, and policy advice, catering to different learning and knowledge dissemination styles. The organization regularly hosts events wherein communities can come together to advance climate and resiliency actions. Group technical programs called Upcoming Cohorts are developed to guide communities in achieving their sustainable results.

ICLEI USA also offers opportunities for leadership in environmental initiatives, inviting local governments to take their climate action programs to a global level. They also have made provisions for funding opportunities to finance climate and sustainable solutions, thus providing financial resiliency for such projects.

In addition, ICLEI USA offers the Atlas of Sustainability Action Planning (ASAP), a tool that allows users to explore sustainability planning in-depth. This tool shows the collaborative approach of ICLEI USA, inviting all stakeholders to participate in the creation and execution of sustainability strategies.

Accurate information sharing is valued in this organization, as demonstrated by their City Talk USA and News section which aims to keep users updated on local climate actions across the United States. The organization's focus on communication, transparency, and collaboration reflects in all stages of their services, from disaster preparation to building resiliency.

Overall, ICLEI USA strides in providing comprehensive services to local governments for sustainability, catering to respective jurisdictions' unique needs, yet fostering a sense of unity in the pursuit of climate action and sustainable practice. With its strong suite of tools, resources, and frameworks, ICLEI USA has established itself as an invaluable ally for communities navigating towards a sustainable future.