Pine Mountain Academy is a year-round, adventure-based boarding school for struggling boys aged 12-17, located near Atlanta, Georgia. It specializes in transforming adolescents dealing with behaviors such as rebellion, academic failure, and poor attitudes. The school focuses on developing self-awareness, community importance, and real relationships in its students.

The Academy's approach combines academic excellence, fun learning experiences, outdoor adventure, and spiritual growth. It aims to prepare boys for successful careers, teach life and vocational skills, and instill values of community service and respect.

Pine Mountain Academy offers a range of activities including wilderness adventures, leadership training, recreational sports, and spiritual mentoring. The program is designed to promote positive thinking and engagement in wholesome activities, contributing to significant life transformations.

The school has received positive testimonials from volunteers and former students, highlighting its impact on transforming the lives of young boys. These testimonials emphasize the caring environment and the effective change in the boys' attitudes and lives.

Pine Mountain Academy addresses issues such as RAD, ADD, ADHD, and self-destructive behavior, often working with adopted children and those who have had encounters with law enforcement. The objective is to help teens understand the impact of their actions and the importance of right relationships.

The Academy is part of Teen Challenge and offers a Christian boarding school environment. It's not a military school, but rather a therapeutic program offering counseling and therapy for troubled teenage boys, aiming to provide a new and more productive future for at-risk youth.