The New Georgia Encyclopedia is an online, comprehensive guide that covers various topics related to the state of Georgia, encompassing areas such as arts and culture, business and economy, education, geography and environment. It provides valuable information on counties, cities and neighborhoods, government and politics, history and archaeology, along with highlighting eminent persons, medical facets and sports and outdoor recreation in Georgia.

One of the prominent features of the site is its digital exhibition section, where users can explore featured Georgia-centric themes. For instance, one featured segment presents Americana Fashion by Georgia-born designer, Frankie Welch. Another interesting feature allows users to virtually tour Georgia's museums and galleries thereby providing an enriching experience right from their homes.

The site maintains an organized data structure, with the facility to browse the encyclopedia by specific topics, view detailed content collections, or match information to Georgia Standards. This makes it particularly handy for educators who are seeking resource aids to complement their curricula.

The website also showcases recently added content and trending topics. A notable example is the exploration of mid-to-late 20th-century civil rights movement in the American South, where it specifically focuses on the role of Black Georgians.

A unique quality of the New Georgia Encyclopedia is its ability to portray individual narratives with localized flavor. The website presents in-depth articles on distinguished figures like Harriet Powers, a highly acclaimed African American quilt maker, and social reformer James Oglethorpe, who played a key role in establishing the colony of Georgia.

To aid new visitors, the site also provides a 'Quick Facts and Resources' page offering a snapshot of the state's culture and history. The search functionality further makes navigation easier for seeking specific information. It hosts feature stories, spotlighting items of significance in Georgia, be it events like the early 20th-century Atlanta Race Massacre or articles on the state's art collections.

Neutral in its perspective, the New Georgia Encyclopedia serves as a robust and enriching platform that offers a comprehensive understanding of Georgia - its history, culture, and people. It manages to encapsulate the essence of Georgia through engaging and enriching content, making it an indispensable resource for both residents of the state and interested outsiders.