Georgia Aquarium, located in downtown Atlanta and open from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, offers a variety of attractions, tickets, memberships and special offers. The establishment provides convenient services including directions and parking information, hotel packages, and a caf. The visitor information section includes general hours, directions, parking, and frequently asked questions which can help visitors plan their trip smoothly.

A highlight of the Georgia Aquarium is its unique animal encounter experiences. These interactive experiences allow guests to engage with various marine species. They offer a variety of encounters with animals ranging from dolphins and penguins to sea lions, sharks, rays, harbor seals, belugas, and sea otters.

The Aquarium also provides swim and dive options, offering an opportunity to dive or swim with gentle giants. For those seeking a unique experience that takes them into the marine world, the behind the seas tour and the Sleepovers can make for memorable visits.

Beyond interacting directly with the animals, the Aquarium also offers shows and presentations, featuring dolphins and sea lions among others. These presentations serve an educational purpose, providing visitors with detailed information about various marine species and ecosystems.

In terms of exhibits, the Aquarium features a diverse range of marine species. These include African Penguins, Beluga Whales, California Sea Lions, Common Bottlenose Dolphins, Tiger Sharks, and Whale Sharks. Each exhibit is designed to replicate the natural habitats of these creatures, providing an immersive experience for visitors.

Guests have the option to buy individual tickets, group tickets, or memberships. Special tickets like the Georgia Resident Pass offer reduced pricing, and gift certificates are available for those who wish to gift an unforgettable Aquarium experience. They also have a CityPASS for people visiting multiple attractions in the city.

The Aquarium offers a variety of seasonal activities, special exhibits, and a selection of galleries, including the Megalodon Shark Jaw Exhibit and the Aquanaut Adventure gallery. Overall, Georgia Aquarium offers a comprehensive experience that is both educational and engaging, making it a must-visit for both locals and visitors in Atlanta.