The Georgia Figure Skating Club (Georgia FSC), registered under the Club #952, operates as a non-profit charitable organization under the section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code. The organization runs a multifaceted website aimed at providing valuable information to its existing members as well as prospective members and other interested parties. Enquiries and issues pertaining to the website or general club matters can be conveniently addressed via email.

Membership to the club can be sought and renewed directly through the website. The platform also allows users to sign up for various testing procedures. The Georgia FSC presents its members with a wide range of opportunities and events to participate in throughout the year. Among these, the 2023 Peach Open and Peach Classic competitions were recently held over the weekend of July 22-23.

The Peach Open presented a non-qualifying competition, which also featured Excel Program (formerly Test Track) and CompeteUSA (formerly Basic Skills) events. The Peach Classic, tailor-made for adult participant skaters, mirrored the events and age ranges offered at the USFS Adult Nationals. Further, this competition represented a part of the Adult Competition Series. The club's website extends links to the detailed information and results concerning these aforementioned events.

In recognition of its members' accomplishments, the Georgia FSC organized a 2023 Annual Awards Banquet on Saturday, April 29, at Hola Tacqeria. Comprehensive lists of the awards and respective recipients from this year and preceding years can be viewed on their official portal.

Additionally, the Georgia FSC emphasizes volunteerism and community involvement in its weekly operations. For instance, the club requests volunteers to verify the number of skaters on ice during the Club Ice Monitor sessions on Fridays and confirm that everyone present has signed in.

Social media also forms an integral part of the club's communication strategy, with active Facebook and Instagram pages providing timely updates. Furthermore, it has a program with, wherein a fraction of the members' online spending is contributed to the club as a donation. As the Georgia FSC is a recognized non-profit, these donations are eligible for tax deductions as per IRS regulations.