Miami Auto Locksmith is a licensed and insured automotive key expert with significant credibility. The company has positioned itself as a one-stop solution for a variety of car lock and key issues with a team of professional locksmiths who specialize in car key replacements, auto locks, and door services.

At the core of Miami Auto Locksmith's service offering are transponder key services. Replacement, repair, and reprogramming of car key transponders are competently done, ensuring clients usually have minimal downtimes. They have an attractively priced offering that starts at just $90, indicating a keen focus on providing value for money while delivering quality solutions.

The same level of competence is extended to key fob replacements. Miami Auto Locksmith's team is proficient in replacing, repairing and reprogramming car key fobs, which is a service that begins at a very affordable $185. This value proposition is laudable, as the company effectively offers important automotive security solutions at a competitive price point without compromising the quality of service.

Another notable service is door unlocking for cases where keys have been lost or locked inside the car which is a fairly common issue. The company also has proficiency in ignition repair, removing broken keys from the ignition while also fixing non-responsive ignitions. This dual-focused service offering guarantees comprehensive ignition-related solutions. Starting at just $120, this option provides reasonably priced, practical solutions for potentially problematic situations.

The company asserts its dedication to being available when customers need them most, offering 24/7 services for cases like losing car keys or being locked out of one's car. A true testament to their commitment to customer convenience. Their service reaches extend from cars to trucks, buses, and motorcycles, with no limitations on the year, make, or model.

Lastly, the company does not limit itself to key-related offerings. It also provides lock-changing services and can pop open car trunks if the locks or keys are inoperable. They also offer computer diagnostics, albeit at a higher starting rate of $225, rounding out a comprehensive service offering aimed at tackling practically any car key or lock-related issue.

Overall, Miami Auto Locksmith is a dedicated, professional, and customer-centric company providing an extensive range of reasonably priced services. They are definitely worth considering for any automotive lock or key-related issue.