With approximately 25 years in the business, this law firm provides services for personal injury cases. They have a comprehensive staff, composed out of 10 lawyers, 40 legal assistants, paralegals and other support staff members aimed at helping you get through hard times after an accident.

This law firm practices in Sarasota, in the state of Florida, US. This website is their own and it underlines several details about their practice and how they can help you with your personal injury case. From car accidents, to commercial vehicle accidents, motorcycle accidents, boat accidents and even dog bites, they are experienced in dealing with a wide array of cases and scenarios, doing their best to represent your accordingly and fight for your rights and compensation.

They even have a non-stop hotline which you can call at any time of day and night to start collaborating with them with the prospect of settling or winning a personal injury case. The website offers the number you can call, as well as other contact information and the ability to submit comments which they’ll address in due time.

There’s also a blog attached to the website which provides general information about personal injury cases. Here you’ll be able to get a general idea about what such a case is about and how to better manage it, including learning about your rights when involved in an accident. A live chat agent is also available to answer any and all questions you may have. Depending on the time of day, you may get the machine which will ask you some standard, automated messages.