Vision Tech Camp is a leading provider of technology education devoted to offering science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) learning opportunities for kids and teens. Notable for its summer camps and afterschool classes, Vision Tech aims to cultivate new generations of developers, game designers, coders, and entrepreneurs.

The camp's comprehensive curriculum includes a wide variety of tech-based thematic camps. The Minecraft Camp includes aspects like 3D game design, modding with Java, modpack development, and server setup. The Game Design Camp delves into topics like video game design, 3D game design with Unreal and Team Fortress 2, virtual reality game design with Unreal, and mobile game design for both iPhone and Android.

The expansive Programming Camp offers courses using multiples languages like Java, Python, and JavaScript, and even includes game programming with Python and Scratch programming. Young campers interested in robotics can also indulge in the exclusive Robotics Camp with LEGO robotics engineering, VEX robotics, and WeDo Robotics among the offerings.

The Engineering Camp includes 3D printing and engineering with Autodesk 123D, and programming and engineering with Arduino. Additional classes include Build a PC, and electrical engineering and coding.

Vision Tech also offers Coding Classes, Robotics Classes and Minecraft Classes segmented by age group, catering to both kids and teens. These classes provide the opportunity for more specific and detailed study in each of the aforementioned subject areas.

The environment fostered at Vision Tech is collaborative and encouraging, and is designed to motivate students to learn new STEM skills. The tech programs offered here empower young learners, fostering a passion for technology and laying a strong foundation for their future pursuits. With their comprehensive curriculum and learner-centric approach, Vision Tech Camp is undeniably a prominent choice for STEM education for young minds.

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