Applying for MS in the US can get quite complicated and overwhelming for most students who are looking to go abroad for the first time in their lives. Pursuing higher studies in a different culture and a new country is quite a significant step for both, parents and their children. There are thousands of universities to choose from, numerous documents to procure, several applications to send, multiple interviews to attend and various requirements to be fulfilled by the both parties. This site will guide you through the entire process starting from selecting your ideal university till the documents required for you to attend classes. Every aspect of the application process is simplified and the most vital aspects are presented to you in such a manner that any confusion is removed. All the do's and don't's are explained, post-admission rituals are discussed and tips as well as guidelines for living an independent life in a new country are also provided. The website also includes a great community through which you can interact with fellow applicants and graduates. An opportunity to discuss various worries and details is provided in this manner. In short, we are providing a platform for you to discuss anything related to your pursuit of higher education abroad. Our objective is for you to undertake your educational journey without any excess worry or distraction.

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