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Education is a central part of the US, the country spending more per student than any other in the world. The educational program starts for kids aged 6 and usually ends by the time they turn 18, given that they usually finish the 12th grade by that time – which usually constitutes the last year of high school.

There are instances where US students can leave school at 16 or 17, but in just some locations. The educational system is supervised by federal programs and by the United States Department of Education, even though schools are managed through local government and state legislature.

America has a big number of well-regarded higher education institutions with statistics showing that out of 15 American colleges, 13 are among the 20 best in the world. The literacy rate in the States is 99%, but only 27.2% of Americans earn a bachelor's degree. About 9,7% earn a graduate's degree, while more than half of total Americans attend college (even though not all of them finish). About 87% attend and finish high school.

In the US, there are also community colleges. These are alternatives to regular higher education institution, providing people with less expensive education programs which usually last considerably less than regular university programs.

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