Cerrajero Metro Puerto Rico is a full-service locksmith company, offering a wide array of services ranging from emergency locksmith services to duplicating car keys and lock replacements. Serving numerous locations in Puerto Rico, including San Juan, Rincon, Rio Grande, Guaynabo, and Dorado, customers can easily access their services 24/7. Their telephone line, 787-448-1919, is dedicated to help clients in need of immediate assistance.

Further expanding their service offering, Cerrajero Metro Puerto Rico specialise in handling all types of vehicle locks. The company provides key cutting and programming for most modern vehicles. They offer chip keys and smart keys for most car brands in the Puerto Rico market. Their additional services include car opening service, replacing locks, creating keys without the original, and changing the casing (cover) of the beeper of your car key.

Significantly, Cerrajero Metro Puerto Rico can make key copies, original or not, and program keys with or without the chip. Since most vehicles from 1995 onwards, and nearly all from the year 2000 use a chip, this feature is especially beneficial for modern car owners with complex car key needs. If a customer's key needs to be reprogrammed, the company can attempt and test it to make it work properly again. If unsuccessful, they have the capability to create a new key.

Cerrajero Metro Puerto Rico has built their reputation on their ability to address a wide range of locksmithing requirements. Whether for residential, commercial, or automotive needs, the company makes it a point to offer personalized, reliable, and timely solutions. However, detailed information about their response time, pricing details, and customer service history would provide a more complete picture of their service framework.

To conclude, Cerrajero Metro Puerto Rico provides comprehensive locksmith services for residents and businesses in Puerto Rico. With their round-the-clock availability, specialization in vehicle locks services, and a comprehensive suite of locksmith solutions, they serve as a reliable solution for all locksmith needs. Prospective customers are encouraged to call their dedicated phone line or contact them via their email, cerrajerometropr@gmail.com, for further inquiries or service requests.