Teen Challenge Schools is a nonprofit network of faith-based educational institutions aimed at assisting teens who are struggling with life-controlling problems or behaviors. Serving both boys and girls aged 12-17, these institutions operate throughout various locations across the United States, offering a range of programs and activities tailored to the unique needs of the enrolled teens.

Focused on providing substantial assistance to troubled teens, the Teen Challenge Schools accommodate both genders through two distinct sub-divisions. The Teen Challenge Schools for Girls, for instance, operates in regions like the Midwest and Southeast, with institutions such as Kansas City Girls Academy and Columbus Girls Academy. These schools offer specialized development programs catering explicitly to girls grappling with life or academic issues.

Just as comprehensive is the segment of Teen Challenge Schools for Boys, serving teens in locations such as East Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, and Northwest Florida. Schools including Treasure Coast Boys Academy, Pine Mountain Boys Academy, Gateway Boys Academy, and Heartland Boys Academy offer a supportive environment for boys dealing with challenges in various life areas.

In line with their faith-based approach, each school within the Teen Challenge network not only offers conventional academic assistance but also focuses on addressing the underlying issues contributing to the difficulties faced by the teens. Real assistance for troubled teens is a key mission for these institutions, offering a promising solution to parents and guardians seeking help for their children. Lastly, the Teen Challenge Schools are open for admissions year-round and provide necessary support for quick assistance through their rapid response helpline.