Faithful Friends Animal Society is a private, nonprofit animal welfare organization specializing in running a No Kill shelter and community veterinary clinic. Committed to creating a kinder community, the organization aims to significantly lower the number of cats and dogs being euthanized in Delaware's publicly funded shelters. Through its determined efforts, Faithful Friends Animal Society has greatly improved outcomes for shelter animals, rescuing thousands of pets that would otherwise face certain death.

For the past two decades, the organization has been steadfastly advocating for reform, with the goal of changing the way pets and people are treated in the community. They have made tangible changes to local programs and services to reduce pet relinquishment. Their commitment to animal welfare is evident through the scope of the programs they offer which include volunteer, fostering, dog ambassador, and various resources for pet owners.

They provide tangible support to the local pet owning community through services such as a free pet food bank, obedience training,and a lost pet community service. They also offer valuable resources for those considering giving up their pets, a situation they strive to prevent through their programs and services.

The community veterinary care they provide includes routine exams, spay and neuter services, as well as vaccine clinics, further enhancing the support provided to local pet owners. Central to their mission is ensuring every animal under their care is found a new home, reflecting their dedication towards finding a sustainable solution for each and every pet.

Faithful Friends Animal Society is funded through donations, emphasizing the important role community support plays in their operation. They are currently seeking donations for an improved animal shelter, reinforcing their promise to continue providing comprehensive services for pets and owners in a more natural setting.

Their premise is rooted in the necessity to expose the mass killing of cats and dogs entering Delaware's publicly funded shelters. This moral imperative stems from their core mission of creating a kinder community for all, continually advocating for positive changes in how animals are treated in their community. The organization upholds this mission unfalteringly while continuously advocating for reform, saving lives, and reducing pet relinquishment. The society's commitment to ensure the welfare of each pet in their care surpasses temporary sheltering, extending to securing new homes for each one.