Fair Oaks Manufacturing Co., Inc., based in scenic McCrory, Arkansas, offers a wide range of manufacturing products. The company, with its richness in history and commitment to efficiency, is known for its impressive array of landplanes, rollers, scraper blades, and relift pumps.

Founded in 1977 by the Brothers, Charles and Jesse A. Wampler, Fair Oaks Manufacturing Co., Inc. initially began as a response to the high demand for quality farm equipment. As a testament to their unwavering commitment to providing superior farm tools, the business quickly gained traction and steadily grew. This swift growth led to an expansion of the company in 1991, where they saw their shop size and number of employees doubled.

With a rich legacy spanning over four decades, Fair Oaks Manufacturing Co., Inc. today stands as one of the largest manufacturers of farm equipment in the mid-south, aptly fulfilling their mission of meeting the increasingly innovative demands of the farming industry.

J.A. Wampler, the owner, and Ina Meredith, the plant manager, run the company with a customer-centric approach. They are easily accessible for all equipment needs, assuring customers of their readiness to assist and make the buying process hassle-free. Their leadership style has, ostensibly, been pivotal in establishing Fair Oaks Manufacturing Co., Inc. as a credible and reliable entity.

One of the highlights of Fair Oaks Manufacturing is the impressive inventory they maintain. Available online for viewing, the inventory gives potential customers a comprehensive understanding of the products they can purchase.

In conclusion, Fair Oaks Manufacturing Co. Inc. has etched a reputation for themselves as a provider of quality farming equipment. They have successfully blended traditional business values with the demands of a rapidly evolving market, indicating their remarkable adaptability and understanding of their customer base. Thus, when looking for reliable, quality farming equipment, Fair Oaks Manufacturing Co., Inc. is a worthwhile consideration.