Safari-Wild Drive-To-Ness offers a panoramic view of South America's natural diversity and splendor, ideal for the passionate traveler and nature enthusiast. The venture introduces tourists to Argentina's glaciers and lakes in rugged Patagonia, the vibrant green of the rain forest near Iguazu Falls, and showcases penguins at the edge of the world.

A special highlight of their tour package is 'The Magic of Machu Picchu.' Travelers get to visit the significant attractions of the Sacred Valley of the Incas, learning about Incan architecture and their skill in building structures like the grand Sacsayhuaman. The tour also accommodates walks through the streets of Lima and Cusco, and a breathtaking view of the pearl of South America the amazing Machu Picchu!

In addition, the company provides an adventurous trip to Bolivia with their package called 'An Undiscovered Planet.' The tour guarantees panoramic views of an impressive chain of volcanic formations coupled with surrounding rainforests. Travelers can venture through these forests and experience countless plants and animals in their natural habitat.

Furthermore, the firm highlights a list of main attractions that emphasize the extraordinary beauty of nature. These include the Rainbow Mountains in Peru, the notorious Road of Death in Bolivia, Uyuni Solonchak, Lake Titicaca, Iquitos City in the Amazon Jungle, and again, the Sacred Valley of the Incas.

The venture is lead by James Creswell, a seasoned traveler who has visited numerous countries on all continents. He continuously seeks new cultures and experiences, exhibiting a passion for networking and adventuring. Every weekend, Creswell journeys to a new country, assimilating a new culture, and meeting new people. His vast travel experience aids in curating the best experiences for travelers who decide to undertake this journey through South America's wildlife and natural charm.