The Wikipedia page on the state of Arizona offers a comprehensive, painstakingly detailed overview of various elements related to the state. As a well-structured, easy-to-navigate resource, it gives context to Arizona's origins, growth, and current status. The page is split into several subsections, each representing a distinct aspect about the state, hence making it easy for the reader to locate a particular piece of information without having to read through the entire content.

The page begins by delving into the etymology and history of Arizona, providing valuable insights into the state's past. The subsequent core sections present a thorough examination of the state's geography, climate, and demographics. These subsections offer meticulously detailed information, carrying the reader through the adjacent states, city life, demographic trends, including vital stats related to race, ethnicity, languages spoken, and prevalent religions within the state.

Critical fodder for the information-hungry, the economy and transportation sections go in-depth into Arizona's financial health and mobility. The expansive content in these sections reveals notable information about employment figures, major contributors to the state's revenue, taxation, and agriculture. It also covers various aspects of transportation, such as the highway system and the availability of public transportation.

One of the page's standout features is its elaborate breakdown of Arizona's law and government, offering an intriguing, comprehensive view of the state's legislative, executive, and judicial branches. This detailed exposition also stretches into Arizona's political culture and its stance on significant social issues such as same-sex marriage and civil unions.

The education section gives the reader an all-inclusive panorama of the learning landscape in Arizona. Subjects span from primary to higher education and include public and private institutions within the state. The inclusivity of this resource stretches all the way to community colleges, establishing it as a valuable source for those researching the state's education system.

Verdict: the Wikipedia page on Arizona is a meticulously structured, wide-ranging resource offering multitudinous information on state-specific issues. Its user-friendly navigation paired with an impressive amount of data gives it an edge over other less comprehensive sources.