Arrowhead Lodge Recovery, based in Arizona, offers inpatient treatment for substance abuse, positioning itself as the go-to facility for adult men seeking a retreat from their day-to-day life to focus solely on recovery. With an array of programs and treatment services, the institute aims to provide holistic recovery care tailored to individual needs.

The treatment programs at Arrowhead Lodge Recovery are designed to tackle a myriad of addiction-related problems, ranging from alcoholism and drug addiction to other mental health issues, such as anxiety disorders, depression, PTSD, grief and loss, mood disorders, and sex and love addiction. This diverse range of treatments suggests a comprehensive approach to substance abuse recovery that takes into account the complex, multifaceted nature of addiction.

One distinctive feature of Arrowhead Lodge is it's focus on co-occurring disorders. This approach reflects a growing understanding in the healthcare sector that disorders rarely exist in isolation, but manifest in conjunction with other mental health and psychological issues. Also notable are the specifically tailored therapies, including trauma and equine therapy.

On the educational front, Arrowhead Lodge offers numerous services, such as substance abuse counseling, mindfulness meditation, and nutritional education. Evidently, these services are devised to equip clients with essential life skills and knowledge to maintain sobriety and manage their mental health long after they have left the facility.

For family members of the clients, Arrowhead Lodge Recovery provides a Family Recovery Program. Recognizing that addiction affects not just the individual but also those around them, this program aims to educate, support, and aid the recovery of the entire family unit.

Overall, Arrowhead Lodge Recovery presents itself as a well-rounded recovery facility, combining a diverse range of treatment programs with a focus on education and family support, amidst tranquil natural surroundings. This comprehensive and diverse approach aims to address the complexity of addiction in a respectful, caring, and professionally guided environment.

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Arrowhead Lodge Recovery
5113 Arrowhead Dr,
Prescott ,
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Phone: 888-654-2800