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Arizona Web Directory

Arizona is known as "The Copper State" from its vast mining industry activity. Today Arizona produces nearly two-thirds of the nations copper but mining isn't the only thing Arizona has to offer! Arizona's desert climate offers sun seekers toasty summer temperatures and mild winters.

Arizona web directory
Arizona, USA

Arizona is a sports fan's paradise offering major league Football, Basketball, Baseball and Ice Hockey. The warm climate makes Arizona a popular location for Major League Baseball spring training camps. Fans can watch 14 teams get ready for the season at stadiums throughout the state.

The Grand Canyon is Arizona's largest natural attraction. Visitors can hike the canyon, river raft on the Colorado River or tour the canyon by air in a helicopter or airplane. Visiting the Grand Canyon should be on every American's bucket list.

Arizona's Painted Desert is a sight to behold. The rocks feature bright natural colors ranging from lavenders to deep reds. The Painted Desert treats hikers to changing scenery as the sun moves over the rocks from different angles throughout the day. Do not miss the Painted Desert area at sunset!

Arizona is more than just a desert! The state offers year round natural beauty and a vibrant arts & culture scene.