Travel Alaska is a comprehensive resource for anyone planning a trip to Alaska, providing substantial and important information about vacation planning. The website offers an array of sustainable tourism directions along with various exploratory accounts of Alaska from the perspective of tourists and locals alike. It further offers essential travel articles, curated itineraries, and indigenous tips.

Travel Alaska offers a plethora of information on activities that visitors can indulge in. There is a broad spectrum ranging from adventure sports, diving deep into Alaska's native culture, day cruises, fishing, hiking, and outdoor recreation. The website also provides details about various festivals and events, food and entertainment options, and arts and history elements present in the state. Additionally, they provide information about northern lights sightings, sightseeing and tours, spas and wellness experiences, and wildlife viewing. There is also a special section devoted to winter activities.

Travel Alaska also provides comprehensive destination details. They offer an overview along with detailed maps of cities and towns, national parks, and public lands. Information related to specific regions is also available to aid in travel planning process.

In terms of logistics, Travel Alaska provides various options for getting around including flying, cruising, taking the train, driving, or using the motor coach/bus/shuttle. They provide detailed maps to aid in land navigation. Further to this, they provide information on ferry travel for visitors interested in water-based transportation.

Moreover, Travel Alaska assists in planning your trip with specific tools designed to make the process easier. They offer information on various travel packages and tours, places to stay as well as insights into Alaska's weather patterns to help visitors plan their trip. They also offer a downloadable vacation planner and provide accessible travel advice. In the wake of the pandemic, they have also incorporated COVID-19 travel updates to ensure visitor safety.

Lastly, the site puts forth special travel deals and packages, allowing visitors to make the most of their trip economically. Overall, Travel Alaska acts as a one-stop guide, arming visitors with all necessary information needed to explore Alaska in its entirety.