Alaska Legal Services Corporation (ALSC) provides access to justice for those in Alaska, offering free self-help resources and assistance on a range of critical civil legal issues. These issues spread across various areas such as consumer law, family law, housing, public benefits, healthcare, and Alaska Native law. ALSC also provides unique services specific to veterans and the elderly.

In addition to its primary services, ALSC's Pro Bono program allows for volunteers to lend their time and expertise, aiming to make otherwise inaccessible justice systems available to low-income Alaskans and their communities. ALSC also offers a range of roles within their organization, demonstrating a commitment to both job opportunities and leadership development.

Lastly, ALSC organizes legal clinics, runs an event calendar, and operates a Landlord Tenant Helpline, demonstrating their commitment to a multifaceted approach to legal assistance. They also offer various methods for supporters to contribute to their cause, including options to make donations or give in other ways, such as through Cy Pres Awards.

Overall, ALSC operates under a firm belief that all individuals deserve access to justice, regardless of their economic standing. Through their diverse range of services and resources, they strive to ensure this belief is upheld within the state of Alaska. Their services are designed for those in need of legal help - those facing challenges with consumer law, housing problems, public benefits, healthcare, family law issues, and Alaska Native law. ALSC makes a difference in the community by leveraging volunteer support and donations to help underserved populations in Alaska access justice.