The Alabama Press Association is a state trade association representing newspapers in Alabama. Providing services for both daily and non-daily publications, the association includes 24 daily newspapers and 99 non-daily newspapers in its active membership. The Press Association is also bolstered by over 100 associate members, which are various entities allied to the newspaper industry, such as newspaper vendors, colleges, universities and other organizations.

As a hub of information and resources, the Alabama Press Association offers a comprehensive list of services to its members and the public. These services include advertising opportunities, press card distribution, legal resources like a hotline and manuals, and a variety of member news. For aspiring journalists or those seeking more industry experience, the association also provides multiple opportunities for students and papers. These include internships, grants, and the Metz Newspaper Management Scholarship.

More than just a network for newspapers, the Alabama Press Association invests back into its community through its foundation. The foundation offers student newsroom internships, grant opportunities, and a robust, interactive event calendar. They also coordinate contests and awards to honor outstanding contributions to the industry, such as the Hall of Honor and Lifetime Achievement Awards.

In conclusion, the Alabama Press Association is a well-established organization that offers an extensive array of services and opportunities for its members and the public alike. It plays a important role in supporting local media in Alabama, providing resources, acknowledgment, and fostering growth in the field. With a strong membership count and a broad range of services, the Association remains a significant pillar in Alabama's media landscape.