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As one of the largest countries in the world in terms of total area, land area and population, United States of America has over 310 million people.

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This is a population consisting of people of different ethnic and cultural backgrounds, influenced by the massive immigration from other countries.

It is commonly known as the United States, The USA, America, The U.S or The States. The countries official motto is "In God We Trust." Currently the US is a federal constitutional republic with 50 states, a federal district and Washington DC as its capital city. The largest city in the US is New York.


There are major events in the history of America that are very significant. First, there was the Native American and European settlement (1490s - 1770s). This saw the discoveries of Christopher Columbus, beginning of slave trade and the religious Great Awakening. America's independence and expansion are also some of the greatest events. The US attained its independence on July 4, 1776. This was the era where the natives were stripped off their land; George Washington became president followed by the Second Great Awakening from evangelists.

The new nation of the United States of America was created when 13 British American colonies broke from their mother country in the year 1776, following a 1783 Treaty of Paris. By the 20 century, the nation expanded to the North American continent with an additional 37 new states.

Besides, there was the Civil war and Industrialization age (1860s - 1890s), that was followed by World War I and Great Depression and World War II from 1914 - 1941. There was also the Cold War and protest politics (1950 - 1980) that ended with the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Government and Politics

The US is a federal state and a constitutional republic with a democratic government. It is regulated on checks and balances. As a federal state the USA has three levels of government, federal, state and local with the latter split into county and municipal governments. It has three branches that include the Legislative, Executive and Judicial arms of government.

The US operates on a two party system, Democratic and Republic parties. The current ruling party is the Democratic Party with Barrack Hussein Obama as the 44th president.

Although the Democrats retain a majority in the Senate, currently, the Republican Party has made gains and even taken control of the House.


With an abundance of natural resources, highly developed infrastructure and high productivity, the US has been able to maintain a capitalist economy. Today, its unemployment rate is at 8.2% with a GDP growth of 1.7% and CPI inflation rate of about 1.7%, as of May 2012.


The country's population is estimated to be about 314,000,000, with over 11 million people as illegal immigrants. With a birth rate of 13 per 1000, US is the third populous nation. Its diverse population is made up of Whites, Blacks/African Americans, Asians, American Indians, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander, Hispanics and Latinos and other races.

Some of the leading cities with high population include New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas and Houston. The national language in the USA is English and the populations' religion is majorly secular.

Climate and Terrain

The climate is mostly temperate but varies in Hawaii and Florida, which experience tropical climates; Alaska has arctic climate. Arid and semiarid climates are common in the southwest and great plains of the west respectively.

The terrain is made up of rugged mountains and broad river valleys in Alaska; volcanic mountains in Hawaii; mountains to the west and east and plains in the central.