CPWR is a globally recognized leader in research and training related to construction safety and health. Taking an industry-driven approach, this organization carries out research on existing and emerging hazards in the realm of construction. Its mission is geared towards the understanding of risks, interpretation of key data, and development of practical solutions to safeguard workers.

CPWR's comprehensive research portfolio includes both current and completed projects, with findings published in notable reports and peer-reviewed studies. An integral part of their research process is the Small Study Program, which could be explained further for a better understanding. Also, the organization maintains the Construction Chart Book Data Reports and Data Dashboards, which aim to provide further insights into industry-related hazards. A notable resource is the Construction FACE Database, offering a focused perspective on construction-related fatalities.

The organization's commitment to viable, actionable research is demonstrated through its Research to Practice (r2p) approach. The r2p initiative appears to be a concerted effort involving strategic partnerships and a comprehensive library of resources to ensure the practical application of research findings in the workplace. In addition, CPWR offers a holistic range of management resources, specifically constructed from research-based insights. There is a distinctive focus on the development of Best Built Plans and Management, catering to foundational safety leadership, hearing loss prevention, and head injury prevention, among other pertinent issues.

CPWR also plays a pivotal role in training, leading notable national programs to considerably enhance construction industry occupational safety, health, and environmental remediation. Their training initiatives reportedly have a broad reach, impacting over 50,000 workers each year. Among their range of training programs, the Hazardous Waste Worker Training Program and the DOE Hazardous Waste Worker Training Program are included.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, CPWR has established the COVID-19 Construction Clearinghouse and the COVID-19 Exposure Control Planning Tool to manage and mitigate the associated risks.

The preset of safety culture is further underpinned through targeted awareness programs, hazard-specific resources and training tools such as the Hazard Alert Cards and Toolbox Talks. Areas such as fall safety, mental health, addiction, and work with silica are addressed, indicating a ground-up and multi-faceted approach to safety in the construction sector.

In conclusion, CPWR combines robust research, strategic partnerships, and training programs to enhance safety and health standards within the construction industry.