The Art Libraries Society of North America (ARLIS/NA), is an organization dedicated to fostering excellence in art librarianship and visual resources curatorship. The structure of the organization includes an Executive Board, and it also offers opportunities for members to receive acknowledgement for their contributions to the field through various awards and honors. ARLIS/NA stays connected with members by providing regular news and event updates, ranging from press releases to reports on their specialized projects.

One of the main features of ARLIS/NA is the rich offering of professional resources they provide. These include ARLIS/NA Commons and Kaltura Channel, which serve as platforms for job listings, internships, professional mentorship programs, and the hosting of webinars or virtual meetings. Another notable resource is the comprehensive collection of publications ranging from digital art history directories, reviews of multimedia and technology, and research reports.

ARLIS/NA also coordinates various events aimed at fostering a sense of community amongst its members and promoting continued learning and development. These include the Summer Educational Institute (SEI), annual conferences, and study tours. As part of their commitment to advocacy, the organization has issued statements of support for the LGBTQ+ community in libraries and has a dedicated Advocacy and Public Policy Committee to provide updates and alerts about relevant topics.

The organization prioritizes member participation and involvement, offering various ways for members to engage such as through volunteering, organizing webinars, and submitting content for their bulletin, the PDC. In addition, they offer opportunities for members to give back through sponsorship or planned giving to the society, and a program titled '$50K for 50 Years Fund' for financial support.

Lastly, ARLIS/NA ensures to prioritize accessibility and inclusivity, hence they offer a range of benefits to their members like access to their member directory, alongside ten ways to get involved in ARLIS/NA. Members can also use the platform to advertise products and services.

In conclusion, ARLIS/NA is a comprehensive hub for professionals in the field of art librarianship and visual resources, offering a wide array of resources, opportunities for involvement, as well as a platform for advocacy and support.