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Saskatchewan Web Directory

Just north of the U.S. states Montana and North Dakota, you'll find the Canadian province of Saskatchewan. The brightest of all the provinces – literally, since it gets more hours of sunshine per day than the rest – Saskatchewan is known for its widespread prairies.

Saskatchewan web directory

Settled by Europeans in the eighteenth century, the region has a long history of native settlement that predates European exploration. There is still a sizeable First Nations population, along with Europeans of a variety of origins, including Eastern Europe.

The mix of cultures makes for varied dining in the main towns of the province which include the capital city of Regina and its largest city Saskatoon. Regina also hosts a Ukrainian Museum.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police's Heritage Center is also located in Regina. While the northern part of the province is heavily forested, much of the rest of Saskatchewan is made up of prairie grasslands.

The whole region is rich in mammals, birds, and fish. If you're visiting the province, you will likely enjoy time in its two national parks. Grasslands National Park is found across the border from Montana, while Prince Albert National Park is further north and provides ample opportunities for hiking, fishing, and boating.