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Canada has two national sports: in summer there's lacrosse and in winter there's ice hockey. Lacrosse has Native American origins and is one of Canada's oldest practiced sports. Canadian football, basketball, baseball, curling and soccer are other popular sports in the country.

Canadian football is the second most popular spectator sport, surpassed only by ice hockey which still holds the lead in this department. Canada hosts the Grey Cup – the largest annual sporting event in the country which features Canadian football. Among the sports with high participation are golf, swimming, basketball, ice hockey, volleyball, skiing and cycling. Tennis and baseball are also national favorites, albeit a lot less so than in the States.

Canada's climate led to its being a favorite among the Winter Olympics, hosting the international event in 2010. They've participated in each Olympic event since the practice began, aside from the 1980 boycott of the Olympics at Moscow. A national award called the Lou Marsh Trophy is awarded each year for the best athlete chosen by an exclusive panel of journalists.

Here you'll find several resources for sport-related articles, websites and other online content. Find out about your favorite Canadian sports and sportsmen and women. Official websites of several governmental institutions aimed at increasing national an international awareness of Canadian aptitudes can also be accessed here.


  • Drains of My City
    Offers information about exploration missions in Edmonton, Canada. With news reports, photo galleries and contact particulars.

  • Infiltration
    Informs users about the practice and theory of urban explorations. With journal section, forum area and resource information.

  • Luskville Dragway – NHRA Canadian Drag Racing
    Offers various news articles on events, index of score results from past competitions and profile of drivers.

  • Victoria Hash House Harriers
    Offers a calendar of the club's hash events. Mentions reports of the members' running activities.