The Quebec Drama Federation (QDF) is an arts service organization that specializes in supporting, representing, and advocating for English-language theatre in Quebec. The federation offers a variety of services to its members and the wider community.

For members, the QDF provides a platform for empowerment and also offers various opportunities for personal and professional growth. The federation has a membership directory, and individuals can sign up to become members. Once registered, members can sign into the QDF's online portal where they can access upcoming events, workshops, as well as information about joining the federation's empowerment project.

The QDF advocates for its members through lobbying activities. This advocacy usually focuses on issues relevant to the English-language theatre community in Quebec. The federation's commitment to representing its members extends to organising workshops and events catered towards developing self-producing skills. Amy Blackmore, for example, is one of the experts whose knowledge the federation leverages to help its members grow professionally.

QDF holds various events and workshops throughout the year. Details of their upcoming activities can be found via the federation's community digital calendar. This includes the federation's Annual General Meeting (AGM) which is typically held during the 22/23 year period.

A unique feature of QDF is its Weekly Wednesday report. This report is a comprehensive listing of shows, events, job listings, auditions, and training opportunities all in one place. The organization is also behind The Overture, although details about this particular feature are not provided in the given text.

In helping to secure the future of English-language theatre in Quebec, the QDF also welcomes donations. This provision further illustrates the federation's dedication to providing a strong support system for English language theatre in Quebec.

Verdict: the Quebec Drama Federation is a devoted arts service organization that upholds English-language theatre in Quebec. Through advocacy, events, workshops, and other services, the QDF continues to serve as a pillar of support for its members and the English-language theatre community in Quebec.