Montreal PC Support offers a comprehensive range of computer repair services to customers in Montreal and its surrounding areas. Based in downtown Montreal, the company tailors its offerings to meet the needs of a variety of customers struggling with both hardware and software issues.

The company's team of qualified technicians is capable of handling many computer-related issues, ranging from physical damages, such as broken screens and hinges, to more complex software-related problems, like virus removal and hacking issues. This versatility enables Montreal PC Support to provide a well-rounded set of services and accommodate a broad spectrum of needs. The certified technicians have the know-how to efficiently handle and deliver on repair requirements, which stands out as one of the company's strengths.

In addition to standard computer repairs, the company is noteworthy for its specialization in Apple repairs, offering services for iMac, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air devices. This service can be extremely valuable for Apple users, given that the company has been certified by the AMCT to conduct these kinds of repairs.

Montreal PC Support also provides a convenient and customer-centric service by visiting clients on-site. This on-call service can be quite beneficial for customers, as it eliminates the need to transport the problematic device to a service center, saving both time and effort on the part of the customer.

Moreover, the company embraces a dynamic approach to computer repair, staying up-to-date with the latest technological advancements and adapting to different customer demands and market trends. All these features come together to provide professional and versatile support to Montreal residents and businesses when it comes to their computing needs.

The accessibility of the team and the ease of scheduling service visits add to the convenience offered to customers. The company is reachable through various communication means, providing an ease of contact for customers looking to resolve their computer issues promptly.

Verdict: Montreal PC Support lends a professional, adaptable, and customer-centric approach to computer repair services. It is equipped with a team of qualified technicians ready to handle a wide range of computer problems, specializing in Apple repairs alongside offering on-site services. Indeed, the comprehensive nature of its services provides a one-stop solution for customers in Montreal grappling with computer-related issues, making it a viable choice for consumers.

Business address

Montreal PC Support
5124 Jeanne-Mance,
H2V 4K1

Contact details

Phone: 514-621-5181