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  • Quebec Portal
    Provides information on services and programs provided by the provincial government.

    Association of Administrators of English Schools of Quebec website. Offers information for teachers who teach English in schools and other educational facilities.

    The Quebec Library Associations oversees all things related to the library services in the province. The website offers news and articles relevant to this domain.

  • Bonjour Quebec
    The provincial government's official tourist site. Provides information on places to visit in Quebec and also provides maps of country routes for tourists who want to see the countryside.

  • Carnaval de Quebec
    Offers information about the Winter Carnival in Quebec. Users can learn the date and time where the next one will take place and about the activities planned for the event.

  • Central Quebec School Board
    Official website of Central Quebec's school board. Member schools can share initiatives and resources which are aimed at improving the overall educational experience for students and pupils.

  • Hyundai Sherbrooke
    Local Hyundai reseller. Offers a wide variety of Hyundai cars and car pieces which can be bought from this reseller. The website is in French.

  • KidZone Geography - Quebec
    Resource for kids to better understand and pinpoint relevant facts about Quebec. Offers a variety of worksheets which they can do in order to increase their knowledge about Quebec.

  • Le Groupe Egomedia
    Specializing in computer service, search engine optimization, web design; based in Montreal, Laval and Quebec.

  • Montreal PC
    Computer repair service company serving Downtown Montreal, West Island, and greater area; established in 2009.

  • Quebec Drama Federation
    Website dedicated to visual arts, with an emphasis on drama theater. Offers a wide variety of information about shows, actors and initiatives in this direction.

  • Quebec Medical Association
    Offers guidelines and practice points for doctors in Quebec. Informative articles, news items and other resources are available on the website.

  • Segal Centre
    Website dedicated to a venue of performing arts. Portrays different shows and events which will take place at the venue. Offers information about each, with pictures to aid description.

  • St. Mary's Hospital Center
    Official website of St. Mary's Hospital. Provides information for patients, prospective patients and those who wish to visit.

  • The Centre for Literacy
    Offers extensive information about literacy in Quebec, while also trying to improve the literacy rate in the province. Users can read up on informative articles in this domain.

Quebec is Canada's largest province. Most of the population lives near the St. Lawrence River between Quebec City, the capital, and Montreal, where most English-speakers are found. Quebec is Canada's only province where French is the official language and most of the population is Francophone.

Quebec map
Quebec, Canada

Located in east-central Canada, just east of Ontario, Quebec is Canada's second most populous province. The northern half of Quebec is home to a variety of aboriginal people who have lived there for many millennia. The people of Quebec are very independent and many consider Quebec an independent nation within United Canada.

The natural beauty of Quebec is mesmerizing. Northern Quebec is an area of pristine forests, fields and waterways. A visit there is like traveling back in time. Big blue skies, towering trees inhabited by exotic wildlife, thousands of species of animals living free, unsullied lakes and rivers teeming with fish.

Quebec is also home to a large and growing slice of Canada's lucrative high tech economy. Information and communication technology companies, pharmaceutical companies, and companies in the aerospace and biotechnology industry have all made Quebec their home. These industries have helped to make Quebec Canada's second most important province economically.