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Prince Edward Island Web Directory

Located in the Gulf of Saint Lawrence, Prince Edward Island is the smallest province in Canada, both in terms of land area and population. The province contains the main island and over 200 smaller islands. It gets its name from the Prince Edward who was the father of Britain's famous Queen Victoria.

Prince Edward Island web directory
Prince Edward Island

While most of the province is rural and coastal, steeped in abundant natural beauty, it does have some urban areas, the largest of which is Charlottetown, its capital city.

Charlottetown is located on the southern shore of the main island. While agriculture and fishing are two of the province's main economic resources, it also relies on tourism. The natural beauty of the province is a draw for many, and it's also a literary destination for those who first became acquainted with the descriptions of that beauty in Lucy Maud Montgomery's novel Anne of Green Gables (1908) and its many sequels.

The Prince Edward Island tourism website even dedicates a section to that famous book. A musical based on Anne of Green Gables is presented annually at the months-long musical theater festival in Charlottetown.

In addition to the Charlottetown Festival, the P.E.I. Jazz and Blues Festival is held every summer.