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At 55,284 square kilometers, Nova Scotia is Canada's second smallest province. It is also the country's second most densely populated. The capital of Nova Scotia is Halifax. One of Canada's three Maritime Provinces, Nova Scotia sticks out into the Atlantic Ocean.

Nova Scotia map
Nova Scotia, Canada

The warmth from the ocean makes Nova Scotia Canada's warmest province. Nova Scotia has more people than any other of Canada's 4 Atlantic Provinces. It is also located midway between the Equator and the North Pole. Most of its inhabitants live on the stunningly beautiful Nova Scotia peninsula.

Surrounded by three bodies of water, the Gulf of St. Charles, the Bay of Fundy and the Atlantic Ocean, Nova Scotia is called Canada's Ocean Playground. Those waters also give the province its unique weather. It is known for freezing cold winters and very warm summers.

Despite its small size, Nova Scotia packs economic punch. It exports more Christmas trees, lobster, gypsum, and wild berries than any other country. Its $1 billion a year in export of fish and fish products is important to the Canadian economy.

The information and communications technology industry is also growing by leaps and bounds. There are now over 500 IT and CT companies in Nova Scotia. It's also the birthplace of hockey superstar Sidney Crosby.