Marketing for News and Media Websites

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation is responsible for most of the country's television programs and channels. There are French and English programs as well, to encompass the majority of languages spoken in the country. French movies and television programs are often accredited with more success than their English counterparts, especially in recent times. This is happening because of a huge flux of American programs which showered Canadian television since its beginning.

Vancouver is known as Hollywood north, given the fact that a lot of popular American TV shows like Queer as Folk, Stargate SG-1 and The X-Files have been shot there. Most channels need to promote or broadcast Canadian productions for a settled amount of time each day. Most high-profile TV programs like Discovery and BBC promote their US or UK, respective programs, but are obligated to run some Canadian productions as well, in terms with the aforementioned CRTC regulations.

When it comes to the printed press, most of Canadian press and magazines are overshadowed by American publications. The government has made several successful attempts to get minorities and ethnicities to voice their cultures and lifestyles in Canadian media. The Multiculturalism Act is a law which was aimed at exactly this issue, because most minorities and ethnicities have been underrepresented or misrepresented in Canadian press and general media.


  • Breakthrough Entertainment
    Studio that provides a range of entertainment shows for Canadian TV. Offers a program list and press releases.

  • Channel Canada
    Provides news, reviews and chat with an online discussion forum and Fall TV schedules.

  • Fish Wrap
    Online list of newspapers available across Canada.

  • Radio-Locator
    Provides a list of radio stations in Canada ordered by province. Offers information such as call signs, frequency, location, and type.

  • This Magazine
    Publication that focuses on Canadian progressive politics, environment, arts, and culture.