Manitoba Music is a comprehensive platform dedicated to promoting and supporting the music industry in Manitoba. The organization provides a wide range of services and features that cater to every aspect of the music industry.

The organization offers an array of programs and initiatives designed to cater to the specific needs of its members. Some of the benefits of membership include a Member Discount Program, access to professional development resources, special workshops, and opportunities for grant writing. In terms of market access, there are several programs including the Export Market Development and Indigenous Music Development Program. The Black Professionals in Music and Programme de musique francophone are also significant initiatives towards promoting diversity and inclusivity.

Manitoba Music provides a platform for indigenous music as well as for new releases and member news. Music can be explored through various playlists provided by the organization, such as the Song Of The Week Manitoba Music Spotify Playlist, the Indigenous Music Spotify Playlist and others. These curated playlists offer an excellent way to discover new and emerging artists.

The organization also focuses on keeping its members well-informed about the latest industry trends and news through articles and updates. The 'Music Business Headlines' is a valuable source of information for anyone involved in the music industry.

In addition to these services, Manitoba Music also has a Mobile Stage Rental service, a unique offering that demonstrates their comprehensive support for live music. The platform provides invaluable opportunities for artists to get their music heard and to reach wider audiences.

Equity and inclusion are prioritized at Manitoba Music. The organization has a dedicated Equity and Accountability Policy, reflecting its commitment to fairness and accountability. There is also an emphasis on wellness and support for its members, with a Health/Wellness/Support section available on their website.

Overall, Manitoba Music does an impressive job of supporting all aspects of the music industry, from artists to industry professionals. It delivers a comprehensive suite of resources, tools, and programs that drive success in the music industry. It is a vital resource for anyone involved in music in Manitoba. Its commitment to diversity, inclusion, and member support underlines its role as a key player in the music industry.