The Workers Compensation Board of Manitoba is an organization with a focus on promoting safety and health in Manitoba workplaces. Its main aim is to help prevent and reduce the occurrence of workplace injuries and disease. By working together with its partners, the board not only encourages safe and healthy working conditions but also facilitates recovery and return to work for those who have experienced workplace injuries.

The board's website includes a plethora of services and resources aimed at educating and supporting both workers and employers. This includes the ability to report an injury or lodge a claim, understand the available benefits, access forms and guides, learn about WCB policies, and even get emergency help. There is also a special section for healthcare providers, with information on return to work strategies, billing and payment procedures, and opportunities for continuing professional development.

The website also includes an eHealth Online Services Portal, where users can create or update their WCB account. This portal also allows for online services such as registering and managing an employer account. It is evident that the board is making a significant effort to streamline processes and improve the customer experience.

Their commitment to transparency is demonstrated through the accountability and reporting section on their website, which provides clear and detailed information about their policies, legislation, and research and innovation projects. This section also grants access to the WCB's annual reports, with the 2022 report being the latest one available.

Finally, the WCB shows its dedication to ongoing research and innovation through regular calls for applications for its Research and Workplace Innovation Projects. These open calls allow for the community to contribute to the board's ongoing efforts to improve workplace safety and health.

Overall, the Workers Compensation Board of Manitoba provides comprehensive services and resources for Manitoba workers and employers. From reporting injuries to offering support for recovery, the board is committed to facilitating safe, healthy, and productive workplaces. Through continuous research and the development of innovative strategies, best practices are updated to meet the challenges faced in the contemporary workplace environment.