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With 649,950 square kilometers of largely flat land, Manitoba is Canada's agricultural heartland. It is also the easternmost of the three Prairie Provinces. Manitoba's boundary with Hudson Bay makes it the only one of the Prairie Provinces that is not landlocked.

Manitoba map
Manitoba, Canada

The province's primary industries include agriculture, transportation, manufacturing, mining, forestry, energy, and tourism. Winnipeg is Manitoba's capital and largest city. Sixty percent of the province's inhabitants live in Winnipeg. Government, higher education, sports and cultural entertainment in Manitoba is found in Winnipeg.

When the Scottish Selkirk settlers come to Manitoba in 1811, they met a thriving aboriginal population. Soon after Manitoba became a province of Canada in 1870, English and French Canadians began settling in the region.

Today Manitoba boasts a diverse population of people who have come there from almost every country on earth. More foreigners arrive every day either to try to make a life in this beautiful province or to experiences the beaches, wildlife and permafrost that covers the northern 3/5 of the province. They also come for the incredible fishing, hunting, hiking, biking, art and world renowned festivals.

The quality of life in Manitoba is hard to beat. It combines Old World standards with high tech tools to create an exhilarating environment. Whether you want to fight the fierce cat fish in Manitoba's rivers, sample the superior seafood or enjoy the fresh, clean air and wide open spaces, Manitoba has what you need.

From action packed, ultramodern Winnipeg to the wilderness in the north, you must experience Manitoba.


  • Manitoba Music
    Offers information on artists and new music productions in Manitoba, Canada. A live music calendar is also available, portraying important upcoming music events.

  • Manitoba News
    News source relevant to the province of Manitoba, Canada. Offers extensive information on the area through news articles updated and added to on a daily basis.

  • Province of Manitoba
    The official government website of Manitoba. Provides information for businesses, residents and visitors in Manitoba in both English and French.

  • The Manitoba Teachers' Society
    Website offered as a resource for teachers in Manitoba, with the sole purpose of improving their trade and student learning experiences. Social media integration is a big part of the website.

  • Workers Compensation Board of Manitoba
    Provides relevant information for both employers and workers. Offers tips on keeping work place environments safe.