End of the Roll Flooring Centres is a comprehensive platform to meet one's diverse flooring needs. It seems to be a well-rounded online showroom featuring a plethora of categories including Carpet, Tile and Stone, Wood, Laminate, Vinyl, Area Rugs, and Decking and Athletic Flooring.

The Carpet section showcases both residential and commercial carpets, categorised by factors including type and look, with offerings like indoor, outdoor carpets, and carpet tiles. End Of The Roll also offers unique options such as artificial turf and varied styles like cut pile, level loop, patterned, and tufted.

The Tile and Stone category features floor and wall tiles, as well as stone offerings. Notable features are the wide selection of surface finishes: glossy, matte, polished, satin, and textured, to appeal to diverse aesthetic tastes.

Their Wood offering includes solid and engineered hardwood options with specifications based on the method of installation and wood species. Choices range from traditional selections such as oak and maple to more luxurious types such as walnut and hickory.

The Laminate category, divided into residential and commercial, has an extensive array of finishes from embossed in register and wire brushed to patina replica matte finish. The variety in finishes provide customers with plenty of choice irrespective of their decor style - modern or classic.

In the Vinyl category, End of the Roll provides residential and commercial solutions with offerings split into sheet vinyl and luxury vinyl plank and tile. Moreover, there are three installation types: floating, glue down, and loose lay.

The Area Rugs section presents an ample selection of rugs categorised by size, with options ranging from 4x6 to 9x12, catering to the size of any room. The range of materials includes cotton, polyester, polypropylene, and viscose.

Lastly, the Decking and Athletic flooring category combines residential and commercial offerings with decking and athletic flooring as primary options. Cork options are also available in this category.

Alongside flooring, End Of The Roll also provides handy accessories including entrance matting. It also incorporates some enriching content such as 'Before You Buy' articles, floor calculators, and design tips intended to help customers make well-informed purchase decisions. Overall, the platform reflects a sound balance between variety, quality, information and user-friendliness.