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Home and Garden Web Directory

A young country, Canada is still finding its style and is welcoming all sorts of people to join its ranks of citizens. This means that it could be the place where you can reinvent yourself as a person and start anew. And that means getting a home and making it truly yours by decorating it to your liking, according to your own tastes.

This section will provide you with all sorts of resources which can be used to find interesting shops dealing in artwork, design ideas and decorative items. All of these can be used to turn your home from a modest-looking living space to the envy of your entire neighborhood.

What's more – find out what you can grow in your garden, from vegetables, fruit to flowers and decorative plants. People who know what they're doing are always willing to share their know-how, either for free or for a certain price. Here you'll find these people and make sure that the information you'll be getting will be valid and interesting at the same time.

Browse through these pages to get DIY project ideas and increase your level of knowledge about all sorts of things, from home improvement to garden designs. All websites listed here offer valuable information and this page will constitute a constant and important resource to anyone willing to add their own touch to their living space.