Specsavers, a family-owned global optical company, has recently rebranded all Image Optometry stores under its name. This rebranding initiative has been implemented without overhauling the existing teams at the former Image Optometry outlets. Thus, customers can expect to receive the same level of exceptional service they've come to expect from the store staff, now coupled with the added value of the Specsavers brand. The company encourages customers to schedule an eye exam at any of their newly rebranded stores.

In the Vancouver area, former Image Optometry stores on Broadway, East Hastings, and Kingsway have transitioned to the Specsavers brand. These stores are conveniently located with the promise of offering continued valuable service under the Specsavers banner. They are open and ready to schedule eye exams for new and existing customers alike.

Furthermore, the Specsavers renaming has implications for the privacy and handling of customer information. As part of the rebranding process, previous customer records held by Broadway-Fairview and Kingsway-Vancouver Stores will be transferred to Dr. G. Wong, Optometric Corporation. These records include personal information along with medical and other necessary records. The independent optometric corporation will operate transparently, providing optometric services at the premises of the newly rebranded Specsavers stores.

The transition from Image Optometry to Specsavers signifies a change in optics service facilitation. Despite the rebranding, the company aims to ensure that there is no disruption in the customer experience. It is keen to remain committed to its service quality, only now offering it with even better value under the globally recognized Specsavers brand. The continued service of the existing teams is a reassuring factor for customers, ensuring the change will not adversely impact customer experience or the level of service they receive.

Verdict: the rebranding of Image Optometry stores to Specsavers is a strategic initiative aimed at consolidating the businesses under one globally recognized banner. Despite the significant change in branding, the company's focus on providing excellent optometry services remains steadfast. Existing customers can be assured that their personal and medical records will be safely transitioned and maintained with the utmost privacy standards.