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Canada boasts a very thorough and efficient program called Medicare – or the Medical Care Act. It's a publicly funded health care act which offers almost universal health coverage to all its citizens. There are federal standards in place which make sure that all health care facilities uphold certain principles and practices and that each citizen is provided with the needed care.

The basic health-related care acts are ensured by Medicare, while in some cases you'll need to get help from a private insurer for vision and dental-related issues. Medication is provided by government grants to elderly or indigent people. Each individual in Canada can choose a family physician called a GP. Through them, they can access the basic medical needs, while they can also ask for referrals for specialist consultations for a number of issues.

Averaging almost $6,000 per person, the per capita health expenditure in Canada is among the world's highest. The private sector is responsible for health care as well, given that 75% of Canadians get a sort of secondary health care insurance from their private employers. The coverage from the private sector is mainly responsible for the aforementioned issues concerning dentistry and optometry.

Canada has the world's second highest life expectancy, settled around 81.3 years, as opposed to 81.4 in Australia – the world's highest and the US, with just 78.1 years. About 10% of Canada's GDP is spent on healthcare.