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Canada is based on a constitutional monarchy, with Queen Elisabeth II being the official head of state. She is represented by a Governor General who takes on her attributes in Canada. Within the constitutional monarchy, there's a parliamentary system acting in Canada. The prime minister of Canada is the head of government.

The party who has plurality and popularity in The House of Commons will determine the Prime Minister – usually the party's leader. By far, the Prime Minister's office is one of the most important institutions in the state – it appoints lieutenant governors, the governor general and federal court judges. Canada's monarchy is the foundation for its judicial, executive and legislative branches.

There are currently five popular parties in Canada: the Conservative Party, New Democratic Party, Bloc Québécois, Green Party and the Liberal Party. The federal government also has an important role to play in Canada's federal structure, alongside the ten provinces which also have a say in most government areas.


  • Royal Visits to Canada
    Offers information about past and future visits of the Royal Family to Canada.