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Most of Canada's educational system is provided publicly to its citizens, with them required to participate from age 6 to age 16 in most cases, aside from Ontario, New Brunswick and Manitoba where pupils finish mandatory school at 18. There are a total of 190 days in the Canadian school year, with a few exceptions based on region.

There are three levels of basic education in Canada: primary, secondary and post-secondary. The government regulates Canada's educational system and facilities, from a federal, provincial and local standpoint.

Post-secondary education includes universities and colleges in Canada. They are not overseen by any concrete agency. Each of these institutions is entitled to offer Canadians degrees, based on the level of study they follow within them and under their guidance. The private sector offers private schools and universities. Even though most Canadians are going for the public ones, these still can be found spread across large cities and communities.

In this section you'll get the information needed to determine the best course of action for your kid's education or the best field in which you'd like to specialize in when you finish college. Career building starts with a good education, so it's important to check the resources listed here to get a general idea on what is needed of you once you graduate and during your education program.